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Lesson Example Models

There are two components to this section. The first is a group of lesson plan models, called QuickPlans, that exemplify science and design technology lessons for elementary school use. The QuickPlans are divided into four groups; science process skills, investigation, inquiry, and design technology. However, the distinctions between and among them are often blurred. Inquiry may include some characteristics of design technology. Investigations certainly include process skills. Process skills may be included in design technology. What is important is not so much the literal distinctions, but rather in using the QuickPlans teachers will engage students in science and design technology. Students will learn by doing and by thinking about it before, during, and after—commonly called hands-on, minds-on science. Added to many of the plans is the inclusion of children's literature, providing a unique opportunity to link science and reading, thereby enhancing both.

The second component is a list of Instruction Links including hundreds more of good lessons that either are now usable for helping to teach science processes, investigation, inquiry, or design technology or which can easily be modified to fit those groupings.

Processes of Science
Constellation Capers Cranky Clips Don't Forget the Bacon
Eating the Food Pyramid Fingerprints Food Chains
Found a Peanut From Egg to Butterfly Go Fish!
Heads Up! Let's Look at the Clouds! Mystery Boxes
Observe a Tree Parents and Babies Rock Talk
Schooling Fish Seeds Seed Study
Seeing Stars Simple Electrical Circuits Solar Relatives
The Button Box The Frog and the OL' Black Fly The Mixed-Up Chameleon
The Very Busy Spider What's for Dinner?  
Beachcomber Hero or Zero? Micromania!
Mystery Rocks and Minerals Oobleck!  
Blowing Bubbles Carrot Heads Garden Fred the Fish
Human Traits Magnets are Attractive!!! Owls are a Hoot!
Sounds The Bouncing Ball  
Design Technology
All in the Balance Balancing Act Blast Off!
Crash Landing Egg Drop Experimental Flight
Kids in Outer Space Litter Bugs Morse Code and the Titanic
Muddy Waters Parachutes Race to Reuse!
Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' Telephones of the Future The Butter Battle
The Marshmallow Machine Voyage to Outer Space What is that Thing???
Instruction Links
The following Instruction Links are intended to provide ideas, information, and guidance for teaching inquiry science from early Primary Grades through Grade 6. Most include lesson plans that are teacher friendly and applicable to elementary school classrooms. Many already include science process or investigative skills, inquiry, and/or design technology. Those that do not may be modified to achieve those characteristics. So, if you are looking for ideas for teaching active, hands-on, minds-on science about a myriad of topics from magnets to microscopes or seeds to stars or owls to oobleck, you'll find them here...along with "how-to-do-it" plans plus hundreds of other neat ideas on a wide range of topics. We think you'll enjoy exploring these links.
Elementary (K-5) Science Lesson Plans
Columbia Education Center elementary (K-5) science lesson plans.

Science Mini-Lessons Elementary (K-5)
Youth Net science lessons.

K-6 Lesson Plans
Discovery Channel lesson plans.

Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers
ProTeacher science and technology lesson plans for elementary school teachers.

The Franklin Institute Online Science Activities
The Franklin Institute science activities.

Elementary Science Olympiad Event Archive
Elementary science activities.

Science Lessons by Subject and Grade Level
Reach Out Michigan science lessons.

Science Lesson Plans science lesson plans.

The Lesson Plans Page science lesson plans, science ideas, and science activities.

Science Lesson Plans
Ask ERIC science lesson plans.

Science Lesson Plans
Teachers Helping Teachers science lesson plans.

Science Activities For Your Classroom
Purdue University science activities.

Science-Literature Links QuickPlans science plans.

Science Netlinks Lessons
Science Netlinks science lessons.

Science Activites
Exploratorium instructions, advice, and helpful hints.

Science Lesson Plan Links
Teachnology science lesson plan links.

Science Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Central science lesson plans.

Science & Technology
PBS TeacherSource science & technology.

Curriculum Resources
Utah Education Network curriculum resources.

Science Lesson Plans and Resources
Edmund J. Sass, Ed.D. science lesson plans and resources.

Science WebQuests Science WebQuests.

Science Lessons science lessons.

Primary Science
Jftschoolzone primary science.

Lesson Plans lesson plans.

Science Gems
Frank Potter's Science Gems.

Science and Nature Links
Yahooligans science and nature links.

Technology explanations.

Curriculum Links for Science Teachers
Neligh, Nebraska Educational Service Unit #8 curriculum links for science teachers.

Science Links for Children
Kids Excellent Web Links science links for children.

Science Activities Manual K-8
Tennessee science activities arranged by grade level.

Illuminations Lesson Plans
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics K-2 activities on observing, classifying, gathering and organizing data, etc.

ProTeacher! Science Experiments lesson plans
A site with lots of links with ideas for investigation, inquiry, and design technology. Lesson Search
Several hundred lesson plans from pre-school and beyond.

MCAS Science Information
Many links from a wide variety of sites, many with lesson suggestions on investigation and inquiry.

Starbase Atlantis Pittsburgh
Starbase Atlantis Pittsburgh is an excellent web site for inquiry, investigation, and design technology. Extensive, eclectic, and a bit eccentric like its developer, Uncle Earl, the site is a goldmine of outstanding resources for teachers. Be sure to explore the boxes for Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Kids and the Big, Big Categorized Resource Collection. See especially the references on science resources including (1) Lesson Plan and Lab Activities, (2) Science, Technology, and Society including inventions and design challenges for kids, (3) Life and Environmental Science, and many, many more.

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